The Difference Between Strategic Planning and Having a Strategic Focus Webinar


Planning for the future is mission critical for today’s healthcare organizations. The role that boards, executive and medical staff members play in developing and deploying strategy represents some of their most nuanced and significant work. While myriad approaches, terminology, and philosophies abound around strategy-setting work, it’s important for the organization’s top leadership to agree on an approach, philosophy, and common terminology. This session will explain how boards can support both the definitional work around strategy, the development of strategy, and maintaining a strategic focus.


  1. How to engage the board, executive, and clinical leadership in the collaborative and foundational work to develop their common approach to the organization’s strategy, strategic planning, and implementation.
  2. What it takes to develop role clarity and guidelines for the role of the board, leadership and medical staff in strategy so that each group’s strengths and assets are tapped for the organization’s benefit.
  3. Why top performing organizations carve out precious leadership time for this work and how they do it.

CHT: 1 Hour


Dave Oravec, MBA, Senior Consultant, Via Healthcare Consulting

Dave Oravec has over 26 years of experience with nonprofit and for-profit healthcare organizations. His expertise includes strategic planning, business development, physician relations, quality improvement, executive level leadership, and coaching. As an executive for operations and business development for Dallas-based Steward Health Care System, Dave oversaw financial and operational performance and physician network expansion for multiple hospitals in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Dave has gained experience in health system governance through participation in full board and medical executive meetings. He holds a master’s degree in business administration from Louisiana State University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and occupational therapy from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Brad Clarke, MPH, Senior Consultant, Via Healthcare Consulting

Brad Clarke has more than 18 years of experience working with managed care and nonprofit organizations in both the United States and New Zealand. In addition to consulting experience, Mr. Clarke previously held leadership roles in corporate compliance, quality improvement, and workforce development. Mr. Clarke draws on this experience in supporting process improvement, navigating increasingly complex regulatory requirements and the development of governance work plans. Mr. Clarke holds a master’s degree in public health from the University of Auckland.

Brad Clarke