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There are several ways to connect with health care leaders across Texas. Advertising with THT is a great way to position your company in front of hospital and health care system board members and CEOs. THT has many options available so you can effectively customize your marketing plan.

Your Connection to the Texas Hospital Market

With more than 10 percent of all U.S. hospitals located in Texas, the Texas hospital market is the largest, most dynamic health care market in the country. THT is the only organization of its kind in Texas that represents the state’s entire hospital industry – 77 percent of all Texas hospitals are members.

By advertising in the Trustee Bulletin or on the THT website, you can reach some:

  • 500 hospital organizations;
  • 4,000 hospital trustees.

If you want to reach Texas hospital decision-makers, you’ll find no better connection than through THT advertising.

Advertising Opportunities

Trustee Bulletin

The Trustee Bulletin is distributed four times per year digitally to approximately 3,000 hospital and system trustees and CEOs. The publication contains articles on leadership, governance best practices, trustee education and advocacy.

THT Website

Advertising on THT’s website ensures that your company remains front and center of health care’s decision-makers. THT’s website is a highly valued and utilized resource for THT members including trustees, CEOs and administrative professionals. Reserve your space today!

Contact Vicki Dale, manager of corporate relations, at 512/465-1013 or email [email protected]

Share Your Knowledge With Our Membership

Texas board members regularly look to THT as a thought leader and go-to source for governance, leadership and high-level health care education and resources. To increase the resources available to Texas board members, THT seeks industry leaders to partner with us to deliver relevant, high-quality articles and/or white papers on governance best practices in selected topics.

There are two ways you can partner with THT to distribute your whitepapers to our membership:

  1. Content Feature in The Boardroom Brief Newsletter
    We will include a link and short blurb about your whitepaper or relevant educational content in our Boardroom Brief newsletter. This is a monthly emailed newsletter to our membership that provides updates on THT’s upcoming offerings. The email distribution list includes approximately 2,000 hospital and health system CEOs, trustees, and administrative support professionals.
  2. Thought Leadership Sponsored Whitepaper
    If you would prefer to have your whitepaper be emailed out to our membership in its own eblast as well as have it become a part of our online resource library, this is the option for you. THT will work with your organization to brand your whitepaper and directly email it out to approximately 2,000 hospital and health system CEOs, trustees, and administrative support professionals.
  3. Sponsored Email Opportunity
    Consider a sponsored email to the membership of the Texas Healthcare Trustees. Provide a short narrative about your educational content, along with a link to the whitepaper or materials and we will email on your behalf to over 2000 members of THT.

Check out the 2024 THT Media Kit for more opportunities.