Patient Attraction and Retention Growth Strategies

Best Practices for Data Utilization, Measurement, and Growth Strategy Development

Patient Attraction and Retention Growth Strategies

The mission of many health systems around the Country is to ensure patients receive timely and informed care. Being able to accomplish that mission effectively is challenging due to current healthcare dynamics in the Country. Health systems continue to live in a predominantly fee-for-volume world while transitioning towards a fee-for-value environment; this produces a polarizing effect on patient growth strategies. Fee-for-volume focuses on attracting and pushing more patients through the system. Fee-for-value is looking to manage the care of a specific population in a more cost-effective and quality manner.

CEO Succession Planning

The volatility in health care makes it critically important for organizations to have a strong and relevant succession plan in place to provide stability to the organization. According to the American Hospital Association’s 2022 National Health Care Governance Survey, nearly one-third of U.S. hospitals do not have or are unsure if they have a succession plan in place.