CEO Evaluation


Streamline and standardize your annual CEO evaluation.

Conducting an annual CEO evaluation is a pivotal practice that underscores the significance of leadership accountability and organizational success. In the dynamic landscape of today’s business environment, the role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is multifaceted, carrying substantial responsibilities and expectations. The annual evaluation serves as a structured mechanism to assess the CEO’s performance, aligning individual goals with the strategic objectives of the company.

Administering a regular CEO evaluation is a critical tool to strengthen the board-CEO relationship. This intentional and regular appraisal not only provides valuable insights into leadership effectiveness but also fosters a culture of transparency, continuous improvement, and accountability. By systematically evaluating the CEO’s contributions, companies can optimize leadership performance, enhance corporate governance, and ultimately drive sustained growth and prosperity.

THT is offering a new program to provide hospital boards with an effective and affordable solution to conduct CEO evaluations. This new tool allows hospital boards to utilize a third-party tool to collect and aggregate feedback using standardized and customized questions to best meet your organization’s needs.

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