Mission, Vision and Values



To cultivate informed leaders in health care governance.


Every trustee is empowered to improve health care for everyone in their community.


Accountability – THT adheres to accountability both internally and externally. Integrity, respect, due diligence, and honesty are highly valued and are fundamental to the organization’s operations, interactions, and customer service.

Life-long learning – Knowledge and professional growth are critical for THT to be a pioneer in governance, proactive in health care transformation, and anticipate the needs of its members.

Collaboration -– Diversity, teamwork, inclusion, and collaboration among colleagues, members, and stakeholders are crucial to finding strategic strength and creating impact.

Agility – THT promotes both risk-taking and pragmatism. THT is committed to maintaining a proactive approach to operations and education to stay at the forefront of health care governance and operational innovation.

Objectivity – THT understands its significant responsibility to provide accurate, balanced, and unbiased information to its members so that they may make the best decisions for everyone in their communities.