Health Equity


Who’s at the Table?
Who’s at the Table? THT Trustee Demographic Study and Toolkit explores the range of diversity of health care board members throughout the state. Diversity is becomingly increasingly emphasized in board composition. This paper will provide you with the current landscape of board member demographics as well as provide tools and resources on board composition and succession planning.

Health Care Disparities and Board Composition Study
Texas is changing. In 2016 Texas added 432,957 new residents, which amounts to more than 1,180 new Texans each day. To better understand the implications of changing population trends and the health inequities that may result from these changes, THT explored the composition of Texas hospital and health care system board. Additionally, THT looked at the activities hospitals and system boards are implementing to address health disparities in their communities.


AHA Health Equity Roadmap

Provides an assessment and action plan to help hospitals and health system achieve health equity goals. The assessment includes a diagnostic tool as well as a process and best practices for improving health equity.

AHA Health Equity Action Library

Check out AHA’s knowledge bank of tools and guides that provide actionable insights for hospitals and health systems.

THA – Hospital Best Practices

See what Texas hospitals are doing to help advance health equity in their communities.

Social Determinants of Health

Health equity is the cornerstone of providing inclusive and patient-centered health care. It ensures that individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status, geographic location, gender, ethnicity, or other patient characteristics, receive the care they need. When health equity is compromised, poor quality outcomes and preventable health disparities emerge.

Health Equity and Health Disparities

Improving quality and the delivery of health care is a steadfast goal for many hospitals and health systems. A key component of quality improvement and creating healthy communities is working to eliminate health disparities and advance health equity. This is especially important in Texas, where over the last decade, there have been substantial changes in our state’s population and demographics.