Quality & Patient Safety


Helping Hospitals Achieve Their Goals

A true EMS partner can contribute much more in helping a hospital reach its clinical, patient satisfaction and financial goals. If your hospital is in a market with only one EMS agency, communicate often about your internal goals and expectations. If your market is served by more than one EMS agency, choose your partner wisely, clearly explain your expectations and be open to feedback that will help your partner to help you reach your goals.

What is the Governing Board’s Role in Quality & Patient Safety?

Hospital governing boards have a critical role and legal duty to ensure quality and patient safety and are accountable for the outcomes of patient stays and encounters. Boards lead the way for transforming health care delivery in the communities they serve. In the governance hierarchy, the hospital’s chief executive officer is directly accountable to the board for quality and patient safety. The board helps establish priorities for the organization and ensures appropriate resource allocation for this important work. 

Complimentary member resources:

White Paper: The Critical Access Hospital Board’s Role in Quality Improvement Projects

Critical access hospital boards play an important and critical role in the hospital’s quality improvement program. This white paper explores the responsibilities of critical access hospital boards in pursuing higher quality outcomes.