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Trustee Bulletin: Summer 2023

Taking Stock: The 2023 Regular Session
THA staff looks back at wins and challenges in member call days before last Monday’s adjournment.
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Transforming Governance: High Impact Governance Challenges Conventions
New thinking can take leadership of boards much further.
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How ActZero Helps Hospitals Reduce Cyber Risk and Protect Patient Data Against Attacks
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2023 Workforce Trends
A Pulse Survey with Healthcare Human Resource and Nursing Leaders
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THT’s Certified Healthcare Trustees
Making effective and efficient decisions for the future of health care organizations.
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Trustee Spotlight: Cory Pittman
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Trustee Spotlight: Kent Wilson
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Trustee Bulletin: Winter 2023


Strategic Planning Post Pandemic
The need for unparalleled leadership and oversight of our country’s health care systems is perhaps greater today than any time in the recent past.
by Brad Clarke, MPH and Dave Oravec, MBA
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Joe Bob Bergen

Get to Know 2023 THT Board Chair: Joe Bob Burgin
Joe Bob Burgin has made it his mission to ensure Sulphur Springs, TX has the top-quality health care.
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Impact Report

Financial Report Shows Concerning Circumstances for Texas’ Hospitals and Health Systems
A new study finds that Texas hospitals and health care systems are still reeling from the pandemic.
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How Qualivis Helps Health Systems Reduce Contingent Labor Spend
Qualivis is the only managed service provider created by hospitals, for hospitals. Sponsored by Qualivis
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Trustee Bulletin: Fall 2022

Floor of the Capitol rotunda

The 2023 Legislative Session: Building and Rebuilding
Hospitals will push for crucial commitments from the Texas Legislature on hospital workforce enhancement, financial stability, behavioral health and much more as lawmakers convene in Austin for the 88th time.

Effective Board Meetings
Given the time limitation and busy schedules that so many have, it is crucial that hospital and system boards use their meeting time wisely and efficiently.

Speaking Up: The Trustees Role in Advocacy
Some trustees will be more comfortable than others when it comes to being a health care/hospital advocate.

Trustee Bulletin: Summer 2022

Healing Uvalde

Healing Uvalde
In the wake of Texas’ deadliest school shooting, Texas hospitals and health care providers help heal Uvalde and work toward safer communities.

Strategic Planning

Keeping Your Strategic Plan Relevant
If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that none of us can predict the future. This is exactly why it’s important for hospital boards to develop strategic plans that are nimble and adaptable to change.

Healthcare Governance Conference 2022

2022 Healthcare Governance Conference
It’s a Wrap! Key Takeaways from the 2022 Healthcare Governance Conference.

Can a New Mission Statement Really Drive Culture Changes?
Does your organization’s mission statement make a difference in how people in your hospital or health system (from board members to senior leaders, physicians/clinicians, other staff, and community members) perceive their roles, responsibilities, and relationship to the patients and communities you serve?

Trustee Spotlights

Trustee Bulletin: Spring 2022

The Trustees’ Role in Addressing the Workforce Shortage
Maintaining appropriate levels of workforce and staffing continues to be a significant challenge for hospitals.

10 Questions Boards Can Answer to Advance Equity
Now is the time to take a step back and look at COVID-19’s impact.

Engaging Boards in Disruptive Innovation
A strategy simulation can be effective for assessing potential disruptors.

A Funding Crisis Within a Pandemic
Medicaid supplemental payment programs finally received federal approval in late March, but the future of Texas’ health care safety net remains far from certain.

Trustee Bulletin: Winter 2022

When a Board Member Crosses the Line: Removing a Trustee Midterm
Addressing problem behaviors is key to a high-performing board.
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Get to Know the New THT Board Chair
THT Introduces Barbara Lord Watkins, MTS, MPA.
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Physician Leadership
Are the Right Number of Chefs in the Kitchen?
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Texas Hospital Association Announces New President/CEO
John Hawkins took the helm on Jan. 1, 2022.
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THT Governance Toolkit
Social media opportunities and pitfalls.
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Winter 2022: Digital
The full content of the Trustee Bulletin Winter 2022 issue is available for download.
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Trustee Bulletin: Fall 2021

My Board is Too Quiet
Tips and pointers to facilitate meaningful discussions at every board meeting.
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Filling Crisis Jobs
Ensuring your hospital has surge staffing protocol in place is a crucial safeguard when disaster strikes.
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Fall 2021: Digital
The full content of the Trustee Bulletin Fall 2021 issue is available to download.
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Trustee Bulletin: Fall 2020

How to Start Addressing Health Equity in the Board Room
Addressing Health Equity Is Necessary To Improve Health Outcomes.
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Transforming Governance
Using Technology to Enhance Board Education.
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Governing Post-COVID-19
Moving Past New Normal Toward an Extraordinary Future.
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Fall 2020: Digital
The full content of the Trustee Bulletin Fall 2020 issue is available online.
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