2023 Workforce Trends

Health care human resources and nursing leaders face a paradigm shift of epic proportions, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic but also drawing from deep-seated trends related to caregiver burnout, stressful working conditions, career changes and early retirements. Cross Country Healthcare surveyed 122 US human resource leaders and chief nursing officers to understand the dynamics and trends impacting labor at health care institutions, and learned about their workforce pressure points and the strategies they are developing to invest in solutions.

Help Wanted!

Help Wanted: Physicians provides and overview of recruitment and retention practices from the trustees’ perspective. In this paper THT surveyed trustees throughout the state to discuss trustee involvement in recruiting, the recruiting outlook for Texas hospitals, physician involvement in governance and more. 

Ten Keys to Enhancing Physician/Hospital Relations and Reducing Physician Turnover: A Guide for Hospital Leaders 

Physician retention is a key strategic objective in any health care organization and continual physician turnover can have significant negative implications for a hospital. Read Texas Healthcare Trustees’ new resource, developed in partnership with Merritt Hawkins, to learn 10 ways to enhance physician and hospital relations and how to reduce physician turnover. 

Physician Contracting

Hospitals regularly contract for many products and services ranging from the linens used in patient rooms and the food served in the cafeteria to professional services provided by physicians. While all contracts should meet certain basic legal requirements, contracts with physicians must meet special criteria, and they carry a higher compliance risk due to state and federal laws governing such contracts.