Trustee Spotlight: Carmen Purl, MD

Carmen Purl MD

Hometown: Sunray, Texas

Occupation: Family Physician

Family: Husband David, three children and six grandchildren Hobbies/Interests: Snow skiing, fly fishing and off-roading (ATVs)

As a Board Member

Most rewarding: I have really enjoyed developing relationships with fellow board members and the executive leaders of our hospital.

Most challenging: We have had two huge challenges and it is difficult to say which one would take the prize as most challenging: First a major expansion with remodel/new construction — challenged with a very difficult situation with the general contractor and plagued by delays and substandard work. And now, dealing with COVID-19 as a county that was one of the first “hot spots” in Texas and has continued to have daily issues with meeting overwhelming needs in a rural location.

Proudest moment for you/your board: Praying for our nurses and doctors and staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the support we provide them.

Biggest surprise: The biggest surprise is how little the tax base is used to support the hospital. I honestly didn’t realize that local taxes amounted to such a small amount of the budget and how restricted those funds are.

Valuable lesson: I am learning more and more about how leadership and influence affect the health and wellness of our community.

Your Board’s Priorities for 2022: Survival. I kid you not. There is a storm cloud looming on the horizon for all rural hospitals. We have made all the preparations possible and appear to be in a strong position to weather the storm, but the challenge will be tremendous.

Why become a Certified Healthcare Trustee? I want to be a strong contributor to the hospital board and I need tools and education to be that member.

About Me

My background: I was raised in Amarillo, and I have been a Board-Certified Family Physician since 1988. I dedicated my entire career to serving in underserved areas, specifically rural hospitals in the Panhandle. I have been in Moore County since 2000. I also travel to other countries to serve communities in disasters and underserved areas.

My childhood ambition: To be a doctor.

My favorite person (living or not!): Without a doubt my husband.

Last place I traveled: Bahamas after the hurricane. It was a beach, but not like it sounds.

What are you currently reading? I just finished “Change Your Questions Change Your Life” by Marilee Adams

My favorite place in Texas: Right here in Sunray, watching our spectacular sunsets.