How ActZero Helps Hospitals Reduce Cyber Risk and Protect Patient Data Against Attacks


Health care modernization revolves around data. Data fuels new diagnostics for patients, software for doctors, AI research to improve patient outcomes, and efficient business operations.

But this data is also valuable to cyber criminals who are stealing it directly from hospitals, now more than ever. Unfortunately for many hospitals, securing that data is a costly challenge. Ransomware attacks, laptop malware, email phishing, zero-day attacks, insider threats — it’s difficult to keep up with cyber attackers 24/7 with limited IT budgets. Reacting isn’t enough, as a single ransomware attack can cripple your organization. So hospitals are looking to proactive, trusted cybersecurity companies to get the job done at a fair price.

4x Faster Than Traditional Defense

ActZero, endorsed by the Texas Hospital Association, delivers a powerful and affordable full-stack cybersecurity service to protect hospitals against ransomware attacks. We bring deep expertise – from the White House, CIA, and Department of Defense – to you. We track the latest techniques of sophisticated cyber attackers and stop them quickly, continuously improving our detection models to help our customers achieve a class-leading 90% or greater ransomware block rate. Our proprietary AI enables us to stop threats four times faster than traditional defenses, uncovering advanced cyberattacks missed by most security solutions. We’ve automated most of the manual work to stop threats across endpoints, mobile devices, network, email, cloud, and identity systems within 15 minutes. Combining this AI with our 24/7 Security Operations Center staff expertise, we block fast-moving ransomware attacks, continuously filter out false positives and white noise, perform threat hunting daily, and escalate only critical alerts.

ActZero also gives hospitals complete visibility into vulnerabilities, compliance requirements, executive reporting, and live staff support 24/7 from our customer experience team. This is a complete package to take care of cyberdefense requirements, meet compliance rules, qualify for cyber insurance, and keep your hospital safe.

95% Reduction in False Positives Equals More Time Back

Recently a Southeast U.S. medical center with 3,500 employees asked ActZero to replace its older security solution. Unfortunately, budget demands for medical equipment took priority over IT security spend, leaving them with only two cybersecurity staff and minimal budget to support their 8,500 endpoints. To meet budget, they turned to free, self-managed security tools and a managed-SIEM solution provided by an Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Unfortunately, the MSSP didn’t deliver, leaving the center unprotected, overwhelming their small team with needless alerts, providing dismal threat response, and offering no visibility into vulnerabilities or areas for improvement.

When ActZero was called in, we discovered 7,500 assets with vulnerabilities, and jumped into action. Within days of deploying ActZero’s virtual machines, endpoint sensors, and cloud application integrations, the medical center no longer felt overwhelmed by alerts – experiencing a 95% reduction in false positive alerts, and ActZero’s customer portal provided them with on-demand insights into their security hygiene, risk exposure, and missing patches. In addition, they were able to remove their MSSP managed-SIEM to save $75,000 annually.

“In three months, we got more actionable alerts from ActZero than from our previous service provider over three years. Now, we’re not flooded with bad alerts. When we get an alert, we know we need to look at it. The monthly report is phenomenal, the CIO is very pleased with the service. We’re more secure now than we were when we started,” said the VP of IT for the medical center.

94% Customer Renewal Rate

ActZero’s mission is to bring excellent cyber defense to hospitals at a fair price. Customers trust ActZero, renewing their one-year contracts at a 94% rate, driving ActZero to win the SC Award for best MDR service and appear in Gartner’s leading market reports on AI for cybersecurity. ActZero has a range of special offers for THA member hospitals, including free mobile device protection, cyber insurance rebates, customer referral bonuses, to make sure every hospital can afford coverage. Contact [email protected] to learn more.