How Qualivis Helps Health Systems Reduce Contingent Labor Spend


Qualivis is the only managed service provider created by hospitals, for hospitals. Given our deep bench of experience within the hospital, we’re equipped to look beyond the obvious, providing holistic solutions built unique to each health system.


As a result, we’re able to help health systems increase their permanent staff, reduce their reliance on contract labor and leverage data to drive efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise. Here are three major health systems where we’ve achieved impressive results.

3x Increase in Temp-to-Perm Conversions

In 2022, a nonprofit health system in the Northeast struggled with high labor costs due in part to decentralized labor processes across its five hospitals and 150 clinic sites. The health system partnered with Qualivis to create a centralized process for managing labor and standardizing pricing along with strategies for increasing its core staff through temp to perm conversions.

“We had strong sponsorship from the HR team and a single point of contact within Qualivis. This was a game changer,” says Marty Welp, Regional VP Program Management at Qualivis. “The relationship is the tool – it’s who we are as an organization. It’s the honesty. It’s the data. It’s the strategy.”

Through Qualivis’ sustainable workforce strategies, the health system brought bill rates down by nearly 30 percent while keeping fulfillment in line with state averages. Qualivis also helped the system convert contingent workers into full-time employees, resulting in a 3x increase in travelers converting to full-time staff. Overall, Qualivis helped the health system reduce overall labor spend by 22 percent in a single quarter.

50% Decrease in Contract Labor Spend

“We don’t really have a list of all current travelers.” That’s what one multi-site, nonprofit health system told Qualivis when they partnered with us in the fall of 2021.

Each of its five sites controlled its own contingent labor procurement, spending and records. As a result, they employed more than 1,000 travelers, exceeding the contingent labor usage of all other health care facilities in the region combined. Not only did this decentralized approach result in runaway costs, it also hindered executive visibility.

The health system partnered with Qualivis to create an overarching system for evaluating its contingent labor usage. The program provided enterprise-level visibility and transparency through data.

Additionally, Qualivis’ program management team implemented processes that helped the health system optimize the staff it already had and better deploy its contingent workers.

Overall, the health system successfully reduced its headcount and contingent labor costs by more than half while keeping patient ratios optimal and reducing staff turnover.

Regional Data Drives Efficiency and Informs Bill Rates

Throughout the pandemic, a multi-site health system in the Northeast found its staffing needs in constant flux. The health system partnered with Qualivis and leveraged our robust regional staffing data to align its bill rates with regional averages while ensuring it maintained fulfillment.

At times, prices needed to be high to ensure fulfillment. At times they needed to cut back on spending. To navigate the ebbs and flows of the market, Qualivis’ team met with decision makers weekly to discuss their needs, market trends and opportunities for cost savings.

Utilizing Qualivis’ extensive regional data, the team provided the information the system needed to make the right decision, allowing it to pivot when necessary to maintain healthy labor costs while ensuring its needs were met.

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