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Best Effort Security

This timely webinar for health care leaders is a discussion on current security threats and typical organizational solutions for countering those threats. Through a review of current cyber incidents, participants will gain an understanding of why, despite well-designed countermeasures, security incidents and breaches continue to occur. During the session the phrase “best-effort security” will be defined, how “best-effort” leads to security failures, and four areas of focus that will help any organization move from “best-effort” to “effective security.”


Governance Ethics in Health Care Organizations

America’s hospitals and health care systems are currently facing an unprecedented array of demographic, economic, and social challenges. Addressing these challenges effectively demands collaboration by board, clinical, and executive leadership. Many of the challenges involve ethical as well as financial, operational, and strategic considerations. Establishing the ethical standards of conduct that provide the foundation for the organization’s biomedical, managerial, and organizational ethics and decision-making is vested directly in its governing board.