Best Effort Security


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Speaker:  Fernando Martinez, Ph.D., President, Texas Hospital Association Foundation/Chief Strategy Officer/Chief Digital Officer, Austin

This timely webinar for health care leaders is a discussion on current security threats and typical organizational solutions for countering those threats. Through a review of current cyber incidents, participants will gain an understanding of why, despite well-designed countermeasures, security incidents and breaches continue to occur. During the session the phrase “best-effort security” will be defined, how “best-effort” leads to security failures, and four areas of focus that will help any organization move from “best-effort” to “effective security.”

Learning objectives – Using recent cyber incidents as examples, attendees will be able to:

  • Contrast between security measures that work as intended and those that fail and associated consequences;
  • Accurately describe what “best-effort security” means in practical terms and explain the difference between “best-effort” security and “effective security”; and
  • Explain four areas of IT security to focus on in order to strengthen organizational security posture.

More About the Speaker:

Fernando Martinez, Ph.D., is a career healthcare executive and technologist who has worked with some of the largest healthcare systems in the country. He is a recognized technology and operations expert with a history of developing innovative and transformational strategies for organizations of all sizes. Dr. Martinez has dual roles at the Texas Hospital Association serving as a corporate Sr. Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer, and President and Chief Executive of the Texas Hospital Association Foundation. Prior to coming to the Texas Hospital Association, Dr. Martinez held CIO roles for multiple healthcare systems and hospitals for over two decades.
Dr. Martinez has earned industry recognition for his work including CIO Innovator of the Year (2017), Technology Executive of the Year (2012) and Information Security Executive of the Year (2009). He has published articles focused on management, technology strategy, IT security and governance, is a frequent public speaker, and is an Adjunct Faculty member of Graduate Healthcare Management Programs for the Chapman School of Business at Florida International University.