Governance of hospitals and health systems has taken on new significance in the past decade. Research has documented that good governance has a direct impact on the overall performance of the organization. Simultaneously, hospital/health system governance has become more complex. Texas Healthcare Trustees believes great organizations need educated and informed boards, which is why we have developed a free resource library for health care leaders. THT wants all health care board members to be prepared to lead. We encourage board members to utilize the governance resources available to increase health care knowledge in order to best serve their organization.

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Acadian Ambulance Service has been a trusted name in health care and a leader in emergency medical services for nearly 50 years. Acadian Ambulance provides emergency and non-emergency transportation to more than 24 million people across four states, including 35 counties and all major metropolitan areas in Texas. Acadian Total Security, a division of Acadian Ambulance Service, offers robust security, access control and safety services to hospitals and health care facilities across the nation. Acadian Total Security offers a full suite of interactive commercial services tailored to support hospitals and facilities of every size. 

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