Trustee Spotlight: Dr. Dev. K. Varshney

Dimmit Regional Hospital


Hometown: Carrizo Springs

Occupation: Retired

Family: Wife and two kids- all practicing physicians

Hobbies/Interests: Finance

As a Board Member

What has been most rewarding during your board service? Learning the finance of running a hospital

What has been the most challenging issue for your board? Building a new hospital

What has been the biggest surprise during your board service? The role of the CEO

What was your/your board’s proudest moment? Support for the hospital

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a board member? How to manage finances.

What are your board’s priority areas for 2022? Our priority area for 2022 would be the feasibility of a new hospital

About Me

My background: Born in India, trained in UK and practiced in the USA

My childhood ambition: To be able to climb Mt. Everest

My favorite person (living or not): Mahatma Gandhi

Last place I traveled: Austin, Canyon Lake

What are you currently reading? Magazine that I am currently reading is Bourne’s.

My favorite place in Texas: Canyon Lake.