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Next steps in earning your Certified Healthcare Trustee Certificate

The Certified Healthcare Trustee Program is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to governance effectiveness to your board, your hospital and your community. It always provides a mechanism to stay informed in this rapidly changing health care environment.

In order to become a CHT, we first invite you to take the CHT Exam – a short knowledge assessment that tests your understanding of governance best practices and areas of board oversight. The Exam comprises 20 questions and should not take more than 30 minutes of your time and there is an exam fee of $125.

To take the CHT exam, submit payment via check, online, or ACH payment. Once received, a link to the online exam will be sent to you via email. You will have three opportunities to take and pass the exam with a score of 70% or higher.

The CHT Study Guide is available on our online store to help prepare for the exam.

Payment Options

For new CHT members, pay here.
For renewing CHT members, pay here.

Texas Hospital Association
P.O. Box 2756
San Antonio, TX 78299

ACH Payment
Texas Healthcare Trustee
Account No. 592313723
ACH or Transit Routing #114000093

Renewing Certified Healthcare Trustees

Please submit your form of payment and proof of CE hours. You may email service center to confirm your THT\THA continuing education credits to see if you qualify to take the CHT exam.

For more information about the CHT Program, Exam and Study Guide, please visit or email