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This webinar will explore the development of new delivery models, such as senior living community, behavioral health centers and birthing centers. Next, we will discuss pursuing new affiliations for revenue and market share growth. Finally, we will identify opportunities for moving beyond the traditional, such as owning and operating non-healthcare businesses and utilizing community needs to expand market share. CHT: 1.0 hours

Speakers: Daniel Avants, J.D., vice president, Advis; and Bryan Niehaus, J.D., vice president, Advis

Daniel AvantsDaniel Avants, J.D., is a Vice President with Advis. He focuses his work on innovative healthcare development activities, regulatory review, and compliance for healthcare facilities. As part of these strategic development activities, he also develops physician alignment models, including care coordination, primary care incentive programs, bundles payments and clinical co-management. He uses this expertise to help providers to proactively react to payment reform initiatives through ventures such as ACO development, clinical integration, and Medicare innovation projects, as well as state and federal demonstration projects.

Bryan NiehausBryan Niehaus, J.D., is a Vice President with Advis. He focuses upon regulatory compliance issues for physician groups, acute care and specialty hospitals, multi-hospital complex healthcare systems and academic medical centers. This work includes ensuring optimum compliance with a wide range of federal, state and local regulations integral to the development and operation of healthcare providers. Bryan conducts compliance audits for providers, including audits addressing compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation, The Joint Commission accreditation standards, state licensing regulations, billing reimbursement requirements, fraud and abuse regulations and Medicare provider-based status regulations.

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With a focus on elements applicable to healthcare organizations, this webinar will cover the essential elements of the current cyber-threat landscape (who is after your data and how they operate), the key risks associated with cybersecurity failures, the critical elements of a successful cybersecurity program, and best practices to prepare for and respond to a data breach incident. CHT: 1.0 hours

Speaker: Justin Freeman, J.D., of counsel, Winstead, PC, Austin

Justin FreemanJustin Freeman is Of Counsel at Winstead, PC, based out of Austin and provides cybersecurity and technology transactions expertise to a diverse range of clients. He specializes in technically complex transaction agreements, open source technologies, cybersecurity, incident management, and international data privacy regulations. With a technical background managing mission critical healthcare IT systems, Justin focuses on closely engaging operational teams and business leadership to successfully structure product developments, cybersecurity/data breach responses, and commercial arrangements while minimizing legal risk.

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The complexity of the health care industry can make hospital governance challenging. This webinar highlights key considerations for rural hospital board members and offers suggestions on how to more effectively evaluate a hospital’s current financial position and financial results, with an emphasis on how to select and monitor key performance indicators. The presentation also addresses the role of tax revenues and supplemental Medicaid funding in a rural hospital’s financial health. CHT: 0.75 hours

Speaker: Chris Clark, CPA, member of BKD National Health Care Group, South Region Health Care Industry Leader

Chris ClarkChris Clark, CPA is a member of BKD National Health Care Group and currently serves as the South Region Health Care Industry Leader. He provides a variety of services, including audit, strategic planning, reimbursement consulting and cost report preparation services, to not-for-profit and governmental health care providers. Chris also is experienced in preparing financial forecasts and feasibility studies and provides services to nursing homes, home health agencies and psychiatric centers.

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Part 1: Good Governance Strategies Using Enterprise Risk Management

This webinar introduces the key concepts in the ERM decision-making model to help board members understand several aspects of managing risk across the enterprise. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Part 2: The Component of Governance and Culture in Enterprise Risk Management

Topics covered include a comparison of traditional risk management vs. enterprise risk management; the steps for the board in pursuing ERM; a commitment to Mission, Vision, and Values; the creation of a risk-aware culture; and that ERM requires the right individuals. A case study is also presented. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Part 3: Setting Strategies and Business Objectives in ERM

Topics covered include a review of risk profiles, risk domains, building a risk list, prioritizing risk, and then selecting strategies and business objectives. A case study is also presented. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Part 4: Performance in Enterprise Risk Management

Topics covered include choosing risks and opportunities to address, evaluating your risks through a heat map, responses to your identified risks, ERM domains, developing an action plan and intervention action hierarchy. Two case studies are presented. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Part 5: Making Meaningful Metrics in Enterprise Risk Management

Staying abreast of changes in the environment and the organization’s performance is key to success and data provides support for strong decision making. This webinar will review considerations in setting metrics, presentation of the metrics to the board, and a discussion of evolving healthcare risk. A case study will also be presented. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Part 6: Info, Communication and Reporting in ERM

Capturing, utilizing and communicating quality data and information is a key part of the enterprise risk management process. This webinar provides guidance and direction for making quality choices for each of these key elements to optimize support for the organization in addressing its risk, challenges and opportunities. A case study is presented. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Series Speaker: Faye Sheppard, RN, J.D., consultant, Patient Safety Resources, Cuero

Faye SheppardFaye Sheppard has over 30 years of experience in health law, patient safety and risk management. She served as legal counsel for over 15 years for a tertiary pediatric healthcare system and for 10 years as the Director of Risk Management of a large acute care health system. Currently, she is providing risk management and patient safety consulting services for Patient Safety Resources. Faye has been active in the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) for many years.

Part 1: 340B – Understanding the Basics

As a board member, your responsibility is to assess the environment and look for both opportunities and threats that may impact the hospital's financial success. Have you assessed 340B lately? For many eligible hospitals, 340B is an answer to a long-standing problem of funding critical patient services that may be underfunded or poorly reimbursed. For others, 340B is seen as problematic and needs reform. Understanding the basics to the complex is key to hospitals successfully participating in the 340B program. Executives and their board members play a critical role in shaping the advocacy message, intent, and utilization of their organization’s 340B benefit. Learn how your role as a healthcare leader can help shape 340B into a sustainable benefit as industry dynamics shift. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Part 2: Strategic 340B Insights for Hospital Leaders

In this webinar, we identify the current landscape of the 340B federal drug discount program and the future changes anticipated; list the marketplace opportunities and threats to develop a strategic plan; describe leading practices to maintain 340B compliance; and develop key questions to assess hospital leadership’s stewardship and fiduciary responsibility to the program and their community. CHT: 0.5 hours

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Series Speaker: Lisa Scholz, Head of Industry Relations, Sentry Data Systems, Washington, D.C.

Lisa ScholzLisa Scholz, joined Sentry Data Systems after three years as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President at 340B Health. She is a passionate and collaborative Health-System thought leader with a career path that spans Retail Pharmacy, Health-System Operations, Government, Association Management and Technology Solutions. Whether managing a 1000 bed health-system pharmacy operation or securing a government contract to provide assistance and expertise to Health Resources and Services Administration’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs (HRSA)- her in-depth understanding and experience in the market with complex organizations has assisted colleagues overcome and strengthen their policy, operations and technology in a changing environment.

This webinar will enhance awareness of how Health Equity is central to all health systems’ mission. Programs and initiatives that address health disparities will be discussed, along with strategies to integrate diversity and inclusion into overall organizational priorities. CHT: 0.5 hours

Marcos Pesquera Tiffany Capeles Speakers: Marcos Pesquera, System Vice-President for Community Benefit, Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; and Tiffany Capeles, Director of Health Equity, CHRISTUS Health, Irving

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This webinar will describe why it is critical to align the governing board with physician leadership and also assist in determining how to enhance the relationship between the board and physician leaders including the Medical Executive Committee. CHT: 0.5 hours

Pamela Knecht Speaker: Pamela Knecht, President and CEO, ACCORD LIMITED, Chicago

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This webinar will focus on the key things public board members need to know to comply with the Texas Open Meetings Act rules for agendas, quorums, meetings, closed sessions, and the appropriate minutes for each. The session will also address top issues for responding to public information requests under the Texas Public Information Act. CHT: 1.0 hours

Fletcher Brown Speaker: Fletcher Brown, partner, Waller Lamsden Dortch & Davis, LLP, Austin

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