Onsite Education and Customized Training
  • Onsite Education and Customized Training

    Leading Change: Your Board Education. Your Way.

Re-energize your board through customized workshops

Texas Healthcare Trustees offers various customized training options for your board. Based on the depth of your needs, THT can assist with program design, recommending/hiring speakers and on-site staffing. Programs can range from issues-driven 30-45 minute of education, to half- or full-day intensive workshops. This training can be held at your hospital, a local hotel or meeting facility. Learn more about formats and options for Customized Board Training here.

Some of the most commonly requested topics for board workshops include:

Board roles and responsibilities.
"Governing to greatness" tips.
Strategic planning.
Board self-assessment.
Quality and patient safety.
Physician employment and relations.
Health care finances.
State and federal legislative update.
Executive and physician compensation.

Customized Workshops

In response to the realities of tight schedules and budgets, Texas Healthcare Trustees created a cost-saving solution to conveniently provide education opportunities for health care board members. Today, THT offers governance education and retreats at your hospital or convenient locations specifically tailored to fit the needs of Texas hospitals.

Participating boards will:

Learn about key issues facing hospitals today.
Gain a better understanding of their role in the hospital.
Create a strong governing team.
Learn more about information and resources available to them.

THT wants to help your board become stronger through shared and individual education of your members. We look forward to working with you.

Design Your Customized Workshop

Based on the depth of your needs, sessions can range from issues-driven presentations to half- or full-day intensive workshops by subject matter experts.

Identify the date and time commitment that works best for your board members:

Strategic planning one-day session
Provides your organization with goals and an outline to complete objectives, action items and outcomes.

Strategic planning two-day session
Provides your organization with a complete strategic plan, including goals, objectives and action items ready for approval and implementation.

Two-hour workshop before or after a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
Includes one to two topics.

Half-day workshop followed by lunch or dinner
Includes three to four topics.

Full-day program
Includes six to eight topics.

Interested in a different type of format for your group?
Give us a call at 512/465-1562.

Choose a convenient location for all board members to attend. Whether it’s a hospital, hotel, or corporate boardroom, we bring the resources, speakers and ideas to you.

We offer a wide range of topics and ask that you select the topics that matter most to your organization. Based on your selections, THT will provide the agenda, program design, speakers and on-site staffing.

Most Commonly Requested Topics for Board Workshops:

Board roles and responsibilities.
Strategic planning.
Board self-assessment.
Board's role in quality and patient safety.
Physician employment and relations.
Regulatory and compliance environment.
Health care finances.
Board's role in advocacy.
Suggest a topic

Educate Decision Makers: Informed Healthcare Trustees Make Better Decisions

For pricing information, contact Susannah Ramshaw, Trustee Programs and Engagement, at 512/465-1015 or sramshaw@tht.org