CHT Frequently Asked Questions

Earning the distinction of becoming a Certified Healthcare Trustee demonstrates your commitment to leadership and continuing education as you govern in this complex environment. Medical professionals often attain board certifications and other designations to show their expertise and proficiency in a given area; earning your CHT allows you the opportunity to validate your governance competency and leadership commitment to your community and peers.

To earn the designation you must complete 24 hours of CE within three years of applying for your CHT, complete and pass the knowledge assignment and have your CEO sign off on CHT materials and certifying your one year of service on your board. Then you must submit CHT documents to THT. For renewing CHTs, only 12 hours of CE is needed, and no exam is required to renew the designation. 

Upon completing and passing the knowledge assessment you will be able to access and download the form that should be signed by the hospital or system's CEO. It can also be obtained by emailing

Yes. In order to qualify for the CHT program, you must have served on your board for 1 year and have completed the required continuing education credits.

To take the CHT exam, email with proof of your continuing education credits (24 hours). Once approved, a link to the online exam will be sent to you via email along with an invoice for the CHT application fee ($125 for THT members and $175 for non-members). You will have three opportunities to take and pass the exam.

Education hours can be taken from a variety of sources but approval is up to the discretion of THT staff. CE hours are accepted from professional organizations and associations such as the Texas Hospital Association, American Hospital Association, American College of Healthcare Executives and Healthcare Financial Management Association. CE may also be counted toward CHT hours if educators and professionals are brought on site to educate the board at the hospital. If a CE completion form is not available from the education provider you may complete this form. If you have specific questions about whether or not a certain session or seminar is accepted please contact Susannah Ramshaw.

Continuing education hours earned in the most recent three-year period prior to submitting your CHT application will qualify. A total of 24 hours of continuing education is required. Education can be face-to-face events or webinars.

To renew your CHT status, email with proof of your continuing education credits (12 hours). Once approved, an invoice for the CHT renewal fee ($100 for THT members and $150 for non-members) will be sent to you via email.

Applicants are expected to acquire and maintain certificates of completion for any CE that you attend. In applying for the CHT designation please turn in certificates of completion, or if you do not have one for a particular course, please fill out this form.

If you are applying for the first time you must have 24 hours of education within the past three years. If you are renewing your CHT you must have 12 hours of CE.

Education hours can be earned face-to-face education or webinars provided by professional organizations including Texas Healthcare Trustees, Texas Hospital Association and organizations such as TORCH, AHA, ACHE. Board members may submit hours earned from education held at their own organization or at other health care or governance-related organizations. All education hours are subject to approval. For questions on whether or not a specific course you attended counts toward your CHT email Susannah Ramshaw.

If you have attended previous THT or THA events within the past three years and would like to verify the number of hours earned email Susannah Ramshaw.

The fee ($125) for the CHT program application is incurred at the point of taking the knowledge assessment.

The knowledge assessment has an 88% pass rate and on average takes 15 minutes to complete.

Please store and file all CE documents you wish to submit to THT for certification. We ask that all paper work is submitted simultaneously.

If you are interested in becoming a CHT for the first time and would like to participate CHT events and recognition at the Healthcare Governance Conference you should turn in materials by June 1.

You may become certified at any point throughout the year, it is an open application window.

The cycle for the CHT designation is three years. Renew your certification within 90 days of your expiration date. When renewing your CHT you must complete 12 hours of CE within this three year time frame.

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