Board Self-Assessment
  • Board Self-Assessment

Strong board performance is vital to the success of every organization.

THT recommends that hospital and health system boards establish self-assessment as a recurring process with a formal assessment performed at least once a year. The self-assessment can reflect both the quality of the board’s experience, as well as assessing its effectiveness against the important responsibilities of serving the patients of the community it represents.

In this era of health reform and major changes in the health care delivery system, health care organizations are being challenged as never before. In many cases, external forces loom as a serious threat to institutional viability. Self-assessment is a tool for boards to better understand how well they are prepared to meet these challenges. Self-assessment can help show a board where its strengths lie as well as where improvements may be needed. It is an important function that should be an ongoing part of serving on any hospital or system board.

Board Self-Assessment can help measure a hospital board’s knowledge of:

  • The mission of the hospital or health system.
  • Industry trends and developments.
  • Monitoring strategy.
  • Overseeing programs, services and financial reports.
  • Understanding of board structure and composition.
  • Recruiting best practices.

The self-assessment can also be a tool to help board leadership gauge and monitor board meeting participation, as well as set board development priorities and motivate board members. To individual board members, it can also provide valuable individual feedback of attitude.

Through this survey, your board can focus on what’s critical for success by establishing and measuring a common understanding of board roles and responsibilities.


A survey link is sent to each board member electronically from a selected administrator. If a board member does not have access to a computer or internet, a pdf version can be printed and returned to an administrator to input the answers on their behalf. Online access allows the assessment to stay confidential.

Pre-Built Survey Question Bank

There are two sections of the Board Self-Assessment:

1. Board assessment, which prompts each board member to answer a set of customizable questions.

2. Personal evaluation, which allows each individual board member to better understand his or her own strengths and weaknesses as a contributing member of the board.

Boards can tailor their own questions as needed to fit their particular hospital/system by adding or deleting questions. Click here to view a sample survey.

Board Assessment Reports

Once the assessment is completed by each board member, the CEO and administrative team will receive a detailed report. The Board Self-Assessment provides the feedback to compare results against similar hospitals across Texas, nationwide benchmarking scores, as well as your board’s own results from previous years. Click here to view a sample report.

For additional information please contact:

Melissa Klein
Senior Specialist

Susannah Ramshaw
Trustee Programs & Engagement


The $500 fee for THT's Board Self-Assessment tool includes a complete BSA and personal evaluation, a report with peer and national benchmark data and a complete SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis about your hospital, conducted by THT staff. To begin, click the red button above to register your hospital!