Get Involved

Trustees can be advocates for the hospital with two key audiences:

  • Elected officials; and
  • community members.

Some governing board members will have established relationships with elected officials at the local, state and/or federal levels. Others will have connections to community groups and organizations. Since elected officials want the continued support of the voters in their districts, the hospital is wise to enlist community and thought leaders who can broaden support among the general public for the hospital’s issues.

Ways to get involved:

  • imageParticipate in the Texas Way Coordinating Council
  • Texas Way Coordinating Council Seeks Business Leaders - The campaign to promote the Texas Way is underway. The Texas Way Coordinating Council is seeking business leaders from across the state to serve as spokespersons and promote the Texas Way in their communities. Contact THT with suggestions. Information and resources about the Texas Way are available from Follow the Texas Way on Twitter @therealtxway and on Facebook.
  • host a hospital visit;
  • letter/email communication;
  • telephone communication; and
  • community/public education.

Become involved in your state or national organizations.


THT Involvement

Texas Healthcare Trustees has many avenues for trustee involvement in the organization’s committees and public policy and leadership initiatives. THT works closely with the Texas Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association to get Texas trustees involved on many different levels.

THT Board of Directors and Committees

The THT board meets three times a year. In addition to attending the board meetings, board members are asked to serve on at least one committee. Most committees meet via conference call.
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THA Involvement

The Texas Hospital Association offers trustees several ways to get involved on a statewide basis.

The THA Board of Trustees includes two designated positioned for trustees. Currently, the two trustees for the THA board are the chairman and chairman-elect for THT.

The THA Council on Policy Development has three positions available for trustees to serve. The COPD meets two the three times a year and develops policy that is reviewed and approved by the THA board of trustees.

The HOSPAC board has four available positions for trustees to serve.