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Certified Healthcare Trustee

The THT Certified Healthcare Trustee designation is for board members who have served on a hospital or health system board in Texas for at least one year and have committed themselves to further knowledge through continuing education and improving their personal health care knowledge. The designation serves to provide board members with a way to demonstrate their competencies in health care and governance.
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Texas Healthcare Trustees Founders’ Award is annually presented to a distinguished health care trustee with an exemplary record of leadership, dedication, and excellence in health care governance and their community.
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Scholarship Program

The Texas Healthcare Trustees’ educational scholarship program aids trustee education by providing THT members with free registration and assistance with travel expenses for THT education.
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Nurses on Board

Texas ranks at the bottom of the nation in health outcomes and has the highest percentage of uninsured in the U.S. Due to projected population growth of the state, Texas is projected to have a critical shortage of registered nurses (RNs) as the nursing workforce ages. The future of the nursing profession is critical to the future health of Texans.  Improving the health of Texans will require improving the future of nursing in the state. 

In the The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2010) the Institute of Medicine called for the creation of new partnerships and strategic alliances which engaged nurses to improve the quality of health care provided to Americans. In this IOM report several recommendations are outline including the recommendation to, “Prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health.” THT and Texas Team have aligned to meet these Future of Nursing goals. THT developed a formal collaboration with Texas Team to ensure that recommendation number seven (7) is achieved in Texas. THT is the lead organization to ensure this recommendation is met and there are no other organizations in Texas working to achieve this recommendation.



Texas Healthcare Trustees’ continually strives to provide our members with the most meaningful and current resources in order to answer the challenges that health care leaders face. That’s why Texas Healthcare Trustees is proud to announce a new partnership Merritt Hawkins and Staff Care that will bring trustees governance and health care education that is affordable and always accessible. As part of this new relationship, THT will be able to provide a Web-based education platform accompanied by a series of independent study guides along with surveys, white papers, and regional presentations to our members.