Why Get Certified?

Change is occurring at an unprecedented pace in health care, making it more important than ever that board members be educated, informed and armed to lead their organizations into the future. The Certified Healthcare Trustee designation is based on a voluntary program designed to help health care board members become better qualified to make effective and efficient decisions for the future of their health care organizations. This program verifies a board member’s efforts to remain up-to-date on health care issues on the local and national levels.

In order to receive the Certified Healthcare Trustee designation you must serve on a hospital or health system board in Texas for at least one year and have committed yourself to further knowledge through continuing education and improving your personal health care knowledge.

By becoming a Certified Healthcare Trustee you:

  • Assure the hospital and community that you are committed to this demanding industry;
  • Increase your skills and knowledge to help make challenging decisions and help set strategic direction;
  • Show your hospital and community that they are guided by knowledgeable and dedicated leadership;
  • Emerge as an ambassador and champion for health care in your community;
  • Are better equipped to meet and exceed the fiduciary duties of care, loyalty and obedience.

This program has a term of three years with an option to renew after the third year. Education must either be completed through approved sources or completed in specific categories.


Start earning your hours toward certification today!