Certified Healthcare Trustee (CHT)

Congratulations to our newest Certified Healthcare Trustees!

Vicki Dale, Center for Technology Innovation, Texas Hospital Association, Austin 

Mary Johnson, El Campo Memorial Hospital

Lori McBrayer, Faith Community Hospital

Mike Muecke, Matagorda Regional Medical Center

Cory Pittman, Hemphill County Hospital District

Sue Steele, Peterson Regional Medical Center


Are You Prepared to Lead?

Certified Healthcare Trustee designation is earned through a voluntary program designed to help health care board members become better qualified to make effective and efficient decisions for the future of their health care organizations.

In this evolving industry it is vital for board members to be prepared and excel as leaders in this field. Earning your CHT is a great way to demonstrate your competencies as a health care leader and your commitment to improving the health of your community. Transform from a good board member to an exceptional asset for your hospital or health care system.

Already certified and need to renew? Here's how.

Why should I become a Certified Healthcare Trustee?

  • Know and implement best practices of governance as well as a strong foundational knowledge of health care in order to lead efficiently and.
  • Verify your efforts to remain up-to-date on health care issues and good governance.
  • Show your commitment to your community, hospital, CEO and fellow board members through this voluntary program.
  • Support your development in this complex industry.

Earn your Certified Healthcare Trustee designation:

To receive your CHT, board members must complete the following:

  • Served on a hospital/health system board for at least one year;
  • Completed at least 24 hours of continuing education, within the last three years, by approved sources;
  • Successfully pass the CHT knowledge assessment with a score of 70 or higher;
  • Submit verification form and proof of CE to Texas Healthcare Trustees; and
  • This program has a term of three years with an option to renew after the third year. Education must either be completed through approved sources or completed in specific categories.

How it works

  1. Complete your education hours;
  2. Register for the CHT Knowledge Assessment;
    •   Submit application fee of $100 (members) or $150 (non-members) at time of knowledge assessment;
    •   Pass 10 question knowledge assessment (three opportunities to pass); and
  3. Send in required documentation, signed off by your CEO no later than May 15th.

More details available here.


In this rapidly changing health care environment great leadership needs to be a constant.