How to Become a CHT

Guidelines to Become a Certified Healthcare Trustee

Guidelines for New Applicants

  • Must be on a hospital/health system board for at least one year;
  • Complete at least 24 hours of continuing education by approved sources;
  • CEO must approve and sign off;
  • Submit application fee of $100 (members) or $150 (non-members) at time of knowledge assessment;
  • Pass knowledge assessment (three opportunities to pass); and
  • Send in required documentation by May 15th.
  • This program has a term of three years with an option to renew after the third year. Education must either be completed through approved sources or completed in specific categories

Once the online portion is completed, you will receive a certificate of completion and a verification form. Mail copies of the certificate of completion, verification form* and education proof of attendance** to:

THT-Board Certification
1108 Lavaca, Suite 700
Austin, TX 78701


e-mail materials to Amy Eskew, at

Or Fax to 512-692-2556

*CEO must sign off on the verification form
**Proof of attendance must only be submitted if you did not attend education from an approved source.

Certified Healthcare Trustee Notification

THT will review all documents and notify the board member and CEO of certification status by email. Upon successful completion, the governance certificate will be mailed to the address provided. To be certified for the current year, all documentation must be submitted to Texas Healthcare Trustees no later than May 15.