Community Health and Relations

Governing boards and communities have a symbiotic connection. The hospital exists to serve its community, and the support of the community is essential for the hospital’s success. Governing board members are the hospital’s direct link with the community and it is important to foster that relationship.

Most hospitals are major employers and have a significant local economic impact as well as provide needed health care services that help attract other businesses and individuals to the community. Today’s trustees not only oversee a major complex business, but also an organization that is becoming more transparent and accountable to the community for its services both within and outside the hospital walls.

This module covers:

  •  New, expanded role of hospitals in community health;

  •  Working toward the community’s overall health;

  •  Knowing your community’s needs;

  •  Meeting their health needs;

  •  Community benefit studies; and 

  •  Trustees as health advocates.



This module provides 1.25 hours of CHT credit.


Here's a sneak preview of this module: