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About Us

About Us



Who we are

Texas Healthcare Trustees is a statewide association whose members are Texas hospitals, health systems and health-related organizations. We operate as a 501c3 organization with our own charter and dues structure. THT is the oldest trustee organization in the country, founded in 1961, and we are affiliated with the Texas Hospital Association while also working closely with the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals. The collaboration between our staff and our partners is what allows us to serve our members as effectively as we can.

What we do

THT provides education, resources and leadership development for governing board members of hospitals. It is important that trustees are prepared to lead, govern and take action to improve the quality of health in their communities. Together, we can navigate the challenges of budget constraints, health care personnel shortages and the exploding numbers of uninsured. Together, we can develop a visionary perspective and prepare our hospitals to meet the future. To learn more about us, see our Mission/Vision.

Why we are Important

Texas health care governing board members are devoted to the health and well-being of the community, and THT wants to prepare them to govern to the best of their abilities. Thus, THT is focused on inspiring excellence in health care governance through education, information resources, networking and leadership opportunities.


Membership in THT is open to governing board and administrators/CEOs of all Texas hospitals, health systems, health foundations and health-related organizations. Currently, membership includes more than 450 governing boards and represents more than 4,000 trustees. Learn more about the benefits of being a member.

Our Board

THT is governed by its own board of directors, who represent a diverse collection of cities and hospitals all over the state. Learn more about our Board of Directors.