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The necessity to be educated and informed is at an all-time high and your budget and availability to attend healthcare conferences all over the country is low. That's why Texas Healthcare Trustees brings it to you! Trustee Online is a convenient and affordable way to increase your knowledge on health care governance right in your office or home.

Program Details

Trustee Online is the on-demand video companion to the  Trustee Guidebook series. Effective health care governance can be broken into nine essential domains and THT has developed these study tools to use for independent learning or as part of a board education plan. For more information about developing an annual board education plan please contact us at 512-465-1013 or info@tht.org.

Trustee Online covers the essential domains of health care governance, each containing about two hours of content, and is divided into easy-to-view 15 - 20 segments that is ideal for both self -study or combined education in the board room. The Trustee Online modules conclude with a knowledge assessment which provides continuing education credit. Total, all nine modules can fulfill 13.25 hours of CE credit if a trustee takes the assessments that go with each module. Those who purchase any Trustee Online module will also receive its accompanying Trustee Guidebook on the same topic.


Individual pricing is $49 per module for one login and includes that section's Trustee Guidebook.

The Governing Board and the CEO
A good board/CEO relationship is critical for the overall performance and management of the hospital. Investing in building and maintaining a close, effective working relationship benefits the hospital, its patients and ultimately the community.

Quality and Patient Safety
"Quality and patient safety" have become a mantra for today's hospitals. Certainly hospitals, their physicians and staff members want to provide their patients with the best care possible, but delivering on that promise is proving elusive. Hospital governing boards have a critical role in ensuring quality and patient safety and are accountable for the outcomes of patient stays and encounters. Making certain that each and every patient gets the best health care possible is without doubt the most important responsibility of board members. Hospital trustees must embrace this responsibility and take the lead in transforming health care delivery.

Health Care Delivery
Health care delivery is changing. Cost-based reimbursement and fee for service medicine are gone forever. The future demands measurable value for dollars spent. Lower reimbursement rates are forcing hospitals to contain costs and capitalize on economies of scale. This reality is driving consolidation of the marketplace. The fundamental paradigm shift is moving health care delivery away from "sick" care to true "health" care. This is an exciting time to be involved in health care, and today's governing board members have the opportunity to shape a better future.

Nursing and Allied Health Professionals
Nurses interact with patients 24 hours a day/seven days a week. They advocate for their patients, interact with family members, communicate with physicians who are directing the patient's treatment, collaborate with other disciplines providing care and teach, advise and listen to their patients. With such an integral role in health care delivery it is important for trustees to have a keen understanding of the role of nurses and the allied workforce.

Community Health and Relations
Governing boards and communities have a symbiotic connection. The hospital exists to serve its community, and the support of the community is essential for the hospital's success. Governing board members are the hospital's direct link with the community and it is important to foster that relationship.

Financial oversight of the hospital or health system often is viewed as the main function of the organization's governing board. The fiduciary duty is one of the core responsibilities of trustees.

Exceptional boards add significant value to their organizations! They advance the common good with uncommonly good work. Effective and efficient governance is about providing critical capital - intellect, a solid reputation, resources and access - to power success and strengthen the mission of the hospital or health system and to improve the community's health.

Advocacy and Political Activity
With an appropriate understanding of their roles as well as good preparation, hospital trustees can help raise awareness of issues in the community and meet with elected officials to request support for specific legislation, policies or health care funding.

Physicians and Medical Staff
Just as the board delegates the management of the hospital to the CEO and his/her administrative team, it also delegates the delivery of quality health care through the medical staff. As health care delivery continues to evolve, collaboration between physicians and hospitals becomes more important. Governing board members can play an important role in creating and preserving trust with physicians and ensuring open communication.

Board Chairs
Chairing a hospital or health system board is no easy task. That’s why Texas Healthcare Trustees created a new module of Trustee Online specifically for board chairs. This module will be helpful for anyone currently serving or about to step into the role of board chair at their hospital or health system. Topics covered in this module include an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the board chair; how to prepare for the role; understanding board meeting dynamics; the chair-CEO relationship; succession planning and much more.


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