Oct. 5, 2018

Austin, Texas

The health care landscape is changing at breakneck speed. Creating a culture of collaborative leadership is paramount for navigating the changes and ensuring the well-being of the hospital. The Board Chair and CEO need to model this collaboration to inspire and stretch their hospitals in new and innovative ways.

The Board Chair/CEO relationship may not get the care and attention it requires or deserves. In this workshop, get practical guidance about how to establish, build, and maintain this leadership partnership so that the quality of governance is strengthened and hospitals continue to be strong and vital community assets.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the different – but mutually interdependent – roles of the board and the CEO, such as establishing strategic direction and policies, providing effective oversight, and managing change.
  • Identify specific ways, such as clarifying mutual communication expectations, to support each other and become a more effective leadership team.
  • Learn how to mutually frame conversations and build strategic alliances to accelerate needed hospital changes.
  • Gain ideas for how the Board Chair/CEO leadership team can strengthen the board’s performance, such as planning and conducting board meetings that are engaging, productive, and enjoyable, and creating a board team that “has what it takes” to make a difference.

Target Audience:

  • Hospital board chairs
  • CEOs
  • Aspiring board chairs.


Texas Healthcare Trustees Headquarters
1108 Lavaca, Suite 700  
Austin, TX 78701